Restaurant Menu

Tidbits & Pupus
The Original “Cosmo Tidbits” £23

The Trader’s most popular sampler pupu platter
Crispy prawns, crab Rangoon, Char Siu pork, BBQ spare ribs, pickled Asian slaw (to share)

Beef Cho-Cho £12

Rare beef skewers, soy-sake glaze
Finished at the table over a flaming hibachi

Salt and Pepper Calamari £11

Crispy calamari with wasabi aioli

Jalapeño Cheese Balls (V) £9

Cheddar & Emmental cheese, fresh coriander,
chopped jalapeños

Spiced Chicken Skewers £10

Yoghurt and cumin marinated chicken, coriander,
mildly spiced methi tomato sauce

Crispy Prawns £14

House marinated & breaded in Japanese bread crumbs

Crab Rangoon £10

Crispy wontons filled with spiced crab and cream cheese

BBQ Spare Ribs £15

Cured in Trader Vic’s signature BBQ glaze and
slow-cooked in our charcoal oven

 Soups, Salads and Starters

Sliced braised octopus with fried capers and a chilli & lemon oil

Tom Yum Goong £14

Spicy sour seafood soup, prawns, sea
bass, snow peas, carrots, coriander

Kah Lew Salad (V) £10

Kale salad of fried chickpeas, radish, shaved Parmesan and ranch dressing

dim sum (steamed dumplings)

Pork sui mai 7
Prawn har gau 8
Bok choy and mushroom 6

Trader Vic’s Salad (V) £10

Mixed young greens, heart of palm, endive, artichoke & our
signature Javanese dressing

Vegetable tempura (V) £9

Lightly battered seasonal vegetables with soy,
ginger, chilli, and coriander dip

Chickpea crepes (v) £10

Tabbouleh stuffed savoury pancakes with raita dressing

pork belly and kimchi tacos £14

Stir fried crispy pork belly and kimchi topped tacos
with radish and scallions

 Trader Vic’s Favourites
Sweet and Sour tofu (V) £19

Crispy fried tofu with bell peppers, pineapple and
steamed basmati rice

Beef Malayan £27

Tender fillet tips simmered in curry cream sauce, green asparagus, pake noodles

 Black Bean pork £21

Stir fried pork in fermented black bean sauce
with ho fun noodles

Hong Kong Style Sea Bass £24

Steamed sea bass, soy-sesame broth, pok choi, scallions, ginger, sweet pepper, basmati rice

Calcutta Curry (V) £18

Slowly simmered savoury blend of spices and vegetables. Served with our unique “flavour” condiment dish and steamed basmati rice
Add chicken £5
Add prawns £8

beef rendang £24

Indonesian slow-cooked spicy beef stew with lemongrass, coconut milk
chilli and coriander rice

5 spice crispy duck (to share) £32

Slow cooked and served shredded pancakes
and house plum sauce

Scottish Lobster £89

Freshly prepared in your choice of style:

Charcoal Grill *Thermidor
*Wok fried with ginger
Served with your choice of side…
(Limited availibility)

Charcoal Grill
chicken adobo £23

Chicken breast  with classic Filipino marinade of garlic, soy,
chilli, vinegar and bay leaf

Salmon adobo £24

Salmon fillet with classic Filipino marinade of garlic, soy and bay leaves
served with flat mushroom and grilled endive

Ribeye steak, 285g £34

Chargrilled ribeye steak, sautéed spinach, vine cherry tomatoes flat mushroom.
Your choice of peppercorn or béarnaise sauce

lamb hanging skewer £28

Seven seas spiced lamb with pearl couscous, pomegranate &
herb salad and mango chutney

miso black cod £34

Miso glazed Black cod baked with crispy pork belly,
bok choy cabbage and purple yam puree

vegetable hanging skewer (v) £18

Sweet potato, bell pepper, red onion and courgette marinated in garlic and harissa pearl cous cous, pomegranate and herb salad

Tomahawk Steak 1.2 kg £82

(to share, or for one if you dare)
Chargrilled “Tomahawk” ribeye served on the bone with twice-cooked spiced potatoes, charred corn on the cob and one extra choice of side.


All sides are £4 each

Vic’s Spiced French Fries | Steamed Balsamic Kale | Garlic Stir Fried Broccoli | Trader Vic’s All In Fried Rice | Steamed Basmati Rice | Sauteed Mushrooms

For those with special dietary requirements or allergies who may wish to know about ingredients used, please ask for the Manager. Our prices include VAT and are all in GBP. An optional 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill.