Cocktail Masterclass

Exclusive Mai Tai Club Event


Thursday 22nd November from 7pm until 8.30pm


When Trader Vic first set foot into La Florida (now El Floridita) in Havana’s backstreets, he was mesmerized by many of the now world-famous potations being crafted in Cuba’s capital at the time.
We are all familiar with the Mojito, the Cuba Libre, the Daiquiri etc etc…
However, this Havana Club masterclass, supported by ambassador Callum Pates, will immerse you in some of the oldest and most forgotten Cuban drinks that Vic himself took back to California as inspiration.

Join us as Callum takes you on a journey from California to Havana and back, via the Rum Daisy, Planters Punch, Florida Daiquiri and more….


Please note that spaces are limited, so ensure to register before Friday 9th November.
All participants are welcome to bring one guest.
Participants will be contacted on Tuesday 13th November.


Cocktail Masterclass - MTC