Cheeky Tiki Brunch

Aloha, Welcome to Trader Vic’s
Cheeky Tiki Brunch!
(Every Sunday from 12pm to 5pm)

We have three drinks packages for you to choose from, each

bottomless for 1hr30 minutes from the time of your first order.


Our menu offers four courses; the first to share, second and third served individually and fourth and final course also to share

The Cheeky Tiki show, followed by DJ starts at 1.30pm

Cheeky Brunch Menu

Starters (to share)
Tom Yum Goong
Spicy sour seafood soup, prawns, sea bass, snow peas, carrots and coriander  
Beef Cho Cho
Rare beef skewers, soy-sake glaze, finished at the table over a flaming hibachi  
Trader Vic’s Salad
Mixed young greens, heart of palm, endive, artichoke and signature Javanese dressing  
Jalapeno Cheese balls
Cheddar and Emmental cheese, chopped jalapenos and coriander  
Vegetable Summer Rolls
Wok-fried Chinese vegetables with rice noodles, cos lettuce, lemon oil and peanut satay sauce  
Mains (to order)
Chicken Adobo
Classic Filipino clay-pot chicken with garlic, soy and bay leaves served with basmati rice  
Salmon Adobo
Salmon fillet with classic Filipino marinade of garlic, soy and bay leaves, served with flat mushroom and grilled endive  
Singapore Noodles
Singapore style curried noodles, shrimp, chicken and vegetables  
Sweet and Sour Tofu (v)
Crispy fried tofu with bell peppers, pineapple and steamed basmati rice  
Flat Iron Steak
8oz flat iron steak served medium rare with French fries, side salad and signature Javanese dressing  
Palate cleanser
Daiquiri Granita
Icy fresh lime & rum  
Desserts (to share)
  Pina colada crème brulee   Chocolate huapia pie   Mochi   Pineapple upside down cake  

Drinks Menu

(All prices are inclusive of food)  
Low & No £39
Cocktails Low
Havana & Ting Highball, Lillet Spritz  
Cocktails No
  No Tai Mai Tai, Puerto Principe  
  Coca Cola, Lemonade & Indian Slimline Tonic, Fruit Juices  
Cheeky "House" Selection £44
La Campagne Chardonnay, France   Shiraz The Pick,  Australia
Beefeater Gin,  Havana 3YO Rum,  Absolut Vodka,  Ballantines
Corona, Staropramen,  Heineken
Coca Cola, Lemonade & Indian Slimline Tonic, Fruit Juices    
"Tiki" Premium selection £49
  House selection as above plus cocktails and prosecco  
  Trader Vic’s Mai Tai   Chi Chi   Martinique Swizzle  Jalisco Sour   Seyhorse  
  Terra Serena

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