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Summer holidays are going to be a bit different again this year. For those of you staying in London or visiting the capital, we’re offering you a one-way ticket to the tropics. 

Every weekend, you will be able to enjoy your own tailored Tiki picnic, choosing from a selection of our signature dishes and drinks. And because holidays should always be effortless, we’ll package all of this up in our Trader Vic’s trolley containing all the picnic essentials for you to have the most relaxing time in the park. 

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What’s on the menu? 

Choose from some of your Trader Vic’s favourites such as the indomitable Cheese Balls and 5 Spiced Crispy Duck with Pancakes, as well as Vegetable Summer Rolls and a Classic Prawn Cocktail on the food menu.

To quench your thirst (highly important on warm summer days) choose from a selection of 4 alcoholic and 3 non-alcoholic cocktails including our classic 1944 Mai Tai, Chi Chi, Koana Puffer, Coral Reed or Puerto Principe and more.