Month: November 2018


Trader Vic's London Cocktails

“It’s my pleasure to offer you these delicious drinks. some I have gathered from their countries of origin and others are my own personally crafted recipes” Trader Vic   Home of the Original Mai Tai® The Original Mai Tai® £14.5 In 1944 Trader Vic’s concocted a rum drink and served it to a guest who,… Read more »

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Cocktails Many delicious drinks around the world are made without liqueurs and with delicate flavours. We offer the following: no tai mai tai  £6.50 Our classic original adapted to perfection. kona cooler  £6 A zesty fruit cooler. puerto principer  £6 Creamy pineapple-coconut classic. honolulu bay  £5 Pineapple and grenadine delight. queen charlotte fruit punch  £6… Read more »

Wine List

Sparkling   Bolla Prosecco, Italy, NV Clean and crisp; with flavours of green apples. Glass £8 | Bottle £34 Pommery Brut Royal NV Light gold with taste of white fruits, citrus and biscuit notes. Glass £15 | Bottle £74 Pommery Rosé NV Pale pink with finesse overlaid with a hint of red berries. Glass £17… Read more »


Rum   Angostura 1824 25ml £8 | 50ml £15 Angostura 1919 25ml £6.50 | 50ml £11.50 Angostura NO.1 25ml £13 | 50ml £24 Appleton V/X 25ml £6.50 | 50ml £11.50 Appleton 12 years 25ml £7 | 50ml £13 Appleton 21years 25ml £18 | 50ml £36 Bacardi 25ml £6.50 | 50ml £11.50 Bacardi Eximo 25ml £10… Read more »

After Dinner Drinks

Trader Vic's London Cocktails

Those special concoctions which complete a dinner. brandy alexander  £8.50 Based on the original Alexander. This was a “Prohibition’s” favourite. carioca  £7.50 Kahlua, Brandy and cream. grasshopper  £6 Keeps you hopping. Light creme de cacao and creme de menthe. white cloud  £6 A delightful concoction of coconut and creme de cacao, laced with vodka. pink… Read more »

Warm Toddies

Hot grog has warmed the cockles of many a stout heart for hundreds of years. With this in mind we offer: coffee diablo  £6.50 A warm blend of brandy, cinnamon and cloves with aromatic orange liquor and lots of caffeine, it will keep you going. coffee grog  £7 Hot coffee strong rum and Grand Mamier… Read more »